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I have the best job in the entire world! I help my clients create their dreams of starting or growing a CPG food or drink brand into a profitable business.

Hey there, I am Sari Kimbell, Founder and Principal of Sari Kimbell Consulting and Creator of Food Business Success™. I have worked in just about every sector of the food industry, cultivating my passion for food and the way it connects all of us. My love and knowledge for the food industry was solidified after a visit to San Francisco and sipping a latte in Little Italy. I was hooked and packed up her car and moved to the Bay Area.  Working in San Francisco restaurants radically informed my passion for seasonal and local ingredients.  A six month study abroad stint in Paris sealed the deal for me that helping others connect over real food experiences was my passion.

Here is the quick overview of the positions I have held in the food industry since 2009

  • Grant Family Farms located in Northern Colorado.
    • I created a local produce wholesale program that delivered directly to local restaurants along the Front Range.
    • Moved into the role of CSA Director and grew the CSA to 5,000 members the following year.
  • Whole Foods Market
    • Fort Collins Prepared Foods buyer – our team experienced their best year yet in sales and margins as she worked to tighten inventory, reduce waste, train employees and increase local purchasing.
    • Rocky Mountain Region – Grocery Local Vendor Onboarding
    • Fort Collins Store – Marketing Director for the store where promoting local food and community involvement was at the heart of her work.
      • In addition to her marketing and community connection work, she worked diligently with local producers to help them negotiate the process to become a vendor with the chain and sell their product on the shelves.
  • Sari Kimbell Consulting – now focused on helping packaged natural food and beverage products start or grow a brand for farmers markets, wholesale or an ecommerce business.
  • Prior clients include
    • Managed Evolved Kitchen, a commissary kitchen for producers, caterers and food trucks
    • Northern Colorado Food Cluster project coordinator
    • Marketing and events for s including The Farmhouse at Jessup Farm, FoCo Musicians Association (FoCoMX), Grant Farms, Gardens on Spring Creek, The Cooking Studio, RevoGrow, Colorado Farmers Market Association,  The Winter Farmers Market, The Food Corridor.
    • Consultant for the Larimer Small Business Development Center (SBDC)
  • Oh, and I own and operate a successful winter farmers market (2019-20)

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We do a lot in house to further your food business success.  We also recognize that we aren’t experts at everything, but we know who to turn to and how to manage your project from a food-industry perspective.