Accomplish Your Goals with a Belief Plan

Accomplish Your Goals with a Belief Plan

It’s almost 2020 and you have set some big goals for this next year for your packaged food or drink business. How many do you have? Just one big one or several small ones?

As soon as you set them your brain is telling you they are hard and that you should just stay comfortable and watch tv or go have drinks with friends.

To accomplish a goal, any goal, means getting through the hard-wired reptilian part of your brain that doesn’t want to risk anything. It is just doing its job.

Your brain is trying to keep you alive and safe.

In addition, our brains will always, yes always, underestimate what we can do in a long period of time, say five years, and overestimate what we can do in a short amount of time, say a year.

So, every year, we resolve to do one or many BIG things and launch full force in January only to lose momentum and give up by March.

I want to share with you a concept that has helped me in my own business tremendously and I know it will help you in your 2020 BIG business goals.

A belief plan.

Take your big goal for the year. Maybe it is it get into a major retailer or launch your product on Amazon. Maybe it is to have $X in sales this year or to hire help to produce or sell your product. No matter what the goals are, you need a belief plan to make them a reality and stick with it.

On a piece of paper or in a journal, write this sentence for each of your goals. “What would I need to believe to…?” and then list everything you would need to believe for that to be true.

For example, “what would I need to believe to create $400,000 in sales this year?”

  • I make an amazing product that people love and want to buy
  • I know exactly what I need to do next to increase my sales
  • I know how to find the help and resources I need to make this happen
  • I am willing to go all in on my dream and do whatever it takes to make it happen
  • I trust my decisions and know that I am doing my very best
  • People want me to succeed
  • This can be fun!

Or, “what would I need to believe start my food business dream this year?”

  • People love my product and want what I have to sell
  • I am solving a problem (or fulfilling a desire) in their life
  • I am willing to fail and keep trying until I make it a reality
  • I seek out resources and guidance from those around me
  • This is fun!

You get the idea…don’t stop at just one or two bullet points. Write them all down.

Sometimes it is an emotional believe, sometimes it is a physical obstacle that you will overcome and sometimes it is a state of mind. They all matter.

Now do this every day for the next week. Instead of focusing on your to do list, focus on your belief list. Just to see what happens.

You will be setting a positive intention and framing the goal not in terms of doing, but believing.

Your brain will the F&@k calm down. You will be asking your brain to go to work for you instead of against you.

What shows up differently in your life as a result of spending 15 minutes every day on your belief plan? Be open to it.

If it works for you then keep doing it.

What if you spent 15 minutes every day thinking about you goals, writing them down and reminding yourself of the beliefs that will get you there?

By the end of 2020 you would have spent 5,475 minutes or over 90 hours on believing in your goals.

And if you didn’t accomplish your goal by this time next year…? So what. Just think about the many strategic benefits that came from practicing your belief in yourself.

What if you could have so much fun creating your dreams!?

Decide to spend the next seven days on your belief plan for 2020 and then watch your brain get to work to make it happen.



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