Turn Your Recipe into Money at a Farmers Market

Turn Your Recipe into Money at a Farmers Market

Maybe you have a long-held family recipe for bread, an award-winning recipe for barbecue sauce, a new passion for making kombucha or you have cracked the code for the perfect gluten-free treat the whole family loves.

You make your delicious hobby for friends and family and everyone tells you that you have to sell your product and turn your passion into a business. You can’t get the idea out of your mind and you have started to wonder if it is a good idea.

I believe the best way to start your dream is at a farmers market. There are a number of reasons for this. It will be the lowest cost to get started (in most cases) and it will have the lowest barriers to entry. It will be the fastest way to generate some cash flow to start funding the business and farmers markets also let you test your product, price, package, pitch, etc.

Then maybe you start googling “start a food business” or start a packaged food business farmers market” and you get some really generic articles and checklists. Maybe you get more specific and type in your state or county which helps. But you are quickly overwhelmed by all of the information that is often conflicting and you throw your hands up in confusion.

My mission is to help more people launch their food or beverage dream and start a profitable business. Starting a food business is hard. I try to make it easier.

To help make it easier for you to start your farmers market business, I created this FREE masterclass. In this 40 minute masterclass I go over:

  • What to expect when starting a farmers market food enterprise including how much it will cost
  • How to start selling at the farmers market in 4 easy steps
  • The 3 most common mistakes farmers market producers make and how to avoid them

Watch the Turn Your Profit Into Passion at a Farmers Market Masterclass.

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