Get Ready For Summer Farmers Markets

Get Ready For Summer Farmers Markets

Its Farmers Market Season and that means CASH FLOW! Don’t miss out on sales from poor merchandising and execution. Draw people in and then get them hooked on your product with these tips. Also, check out my Facebook Live segment #FarmersMarketFriday with more great tips and tricks.

Video #1 (4/19/19)

Representing Your Brand

Now is a good time to rethink your booth.  This is the first impression a potential customer has with your brand and you want it to stand out!  Please replace that ratty tablecloth and get one that has a logo with your colors or more in line with your brand.

I love these vertical banners for both outside and inside use.  Or if you are outside make sure you hang your banner at eye level (keeping it straight) behind you.

Advertise your brand, not someone else’s.  I have a photo with one of my clients, who will remain nameless, at his awesome booth wearing a t-shirt with a giant Nike swoosh on it.

This is your opportunity to be recognized as part of your brand.  I highly recommend Pine Print Shop (Garrett is the owner is a awesome), but you need to order 10+ shirts or hats. You can also sell these shirts, hats or other swag at your booth or online.  If it is “cool” enough you could see some additional revenue.  If you only need a couple of shirts, Sport About is a great option since they can literally make one shirt for you.

Have a takeaway like a recipe card with a promo for your online store on it or stickers. You want people to think about your brand later on when they are ready to buy.

Table Layout

Do people have to look down to see your product or is it at eye level. It is great to have your logo on your tablecloth, but once the market has people walking past, no one can see it. Go vertical with both signage and product.  Use boxes, shelves, or other items around your house that help get the product up higher (as long as it fits with your brand).

Also consider how you are sampling your product.  If it is a sauce, are you putting the sauce on something that goes well with your product and people want to eat? If you only have crackers or bread this may deter your gluten-free folks.  Consider buying little wooden or plastic spoons to sample the product directly. Make sure sampling is clearly labeled with a place for used sampling spoons.

Below are some notes from a farmers market I visited last year in Denver and Eat Denver trade show:

Doing well: getting product up high and creating vertical interest as well as gift packs and labels on the product. Not so well – promotional piece in the center is showing some wear and that tablecloth is in desperate need of an iron.


Look closely and you will see a custom table with holes carved out with each bars ingredients. The banner in the back is also great and the guys are wearing branded t-shirts. My only suggestion would be to get the table up just a little higher and have prices clearly displayed, but otherwise a great booth with great brand alignment.


Love the pallet table that gets the product up a little higher. Very clean signage and aligned with their brand. Samples are laid out nicely and look appetizing. For an indoor market without a backdrop a pull-up banner would be a good addition.

Need a great banner, recipe cards, or signage created? We do that! Just shoot us an email to get started at very reasonable design rates.

Maximizing Sales (MONEY)!

Check out Video #2 here.

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