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Branding & Marketing Services

Do you know who your target customer is? Do your customers know about your product? A big picture sell-through strategy is more important than a short-term sell-in strategy.  Cultivate provides hands-on services in branding, marketing and sales strategies that create an excitement for your brand.

Branding &

Market Positioning

Are your customers as passionate and excited about your brand as you are? Do you know who your target customer is? Do they know about you?

Branding is so much more than a logo!  Let us guide you through the foundational work of your brand, your business and your promise to your customers. Take the time to do the work with a fresh perspective on your brand and your target customers.  This work will serve as a guide for just about every decision you make!

Marketing &

Sales Plans

Are you spending the right amount of time and money and on the best marketing strategies for your business or are you chasing after what others are saying you should do?

Marketing is how we sell your brand to your target customer! You need a tailored marketing and sales strategy for all of the ways your target customers interact with your brand that gets your product off the shelf and into their hands.

Additional Services



Is your label and packaging the best for your product and reaching your target customer? Is it what a grocery store or online retailer needs or wants? Does it meet FDA regulations for nutrition and claims?

Foodies speak their own language and so does the FDA. We create in house and work with our partners to produce mouth-watering logos, branding, websites and digital or print design.



Are you wasting time and money trying to keep up with customer engagement trends? Are you positioned on the best platforms for your brand?

Love it or hate it, social media can’t be ignored. We can manage your platforms including content creation, targeted advertising, email newsletters and influencers to create authentic engagement with your brand and product all with a food perspective.