My Best Resources to Grow Your Business

My Best Resources to Grow Your Business

Today I am preparing for a podcast interview with Katie Mleziva of Real Food Brands and she asked for a list of resources I recommend for every food entrepreneur. I started making a list and realized I should just create a blog so her listeners and all of you can easily find them.

It is so important to take time everyday to think about your business. Learning new ideas, evolving as a human and entrepreneur are key to your success. One note of caution is that it easy to take in too much in this Neflix binge culture we find ourselves in. When you start to feel overwhelmed by too many ideas, stop and take a break. Give yourself some quiet time to write or just think about the concepts and what resonates with you the most. Take things in small chunks. Yes, you have a big goal, but it does require breaking that goal down into small, achievable tasks. Otherwise you will fall into overwhelm and end up spinning your wheels in anxiety.

Food Business Podcasts


Entrepreneurship Podcasts

My absolute favorite is Brooke Castillo’s The Life Coach School.

Starting a business is hard and you are going to have to overcome your own mind and self doubts to achieve your goals. Managing your mind and emotions is just as important as managing your business. My favorite episodes that will help you overcome your doubts, the overwhelm and have the confidence to start your business are:

Believing Hard

Goal Shame

Confidence as a Byproduct

Creating Confidence

Self Doubt

Marketing and Branding Podcasts

I have been listening to Amy Porterfield long before I ever launched my online course, Food Business Success. She has great tips and ideas for marketing in general and some awesome guests.

I learned about Donald Miller and Building a Storybrand on Amy’s podcast and then got the book and am hooked on the podcast. Too often we make ourselves the hero when we are selling and it is never about us. It should always be about our customer and the problems we are helping them solve. Also check out for a framework tool that is really great to think about your brand through

Alli Ball is an amazing food industry consultant with an online course called Retail Ready. She creates these short videos for you to quickly learn about the food industry and how to be better in your food business.

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