Business Growth Strategy

Business Growth Strategy Services

Ready to go big? Financial risks become greater as you scale-up your business. Cultivate’s industry experts help you avoid the pitfalls and risks of going it alone to create actionable steps to move your business forward at your own pace. We work along side you and are just as invested in meeting your goals, whether it is to become a successful local, regional or national brand.
 Depending on your needs we provide both advisory and hands-on  project-management services



Is your food business actually making money? Will it continue to do when you scale up into wholesale and distribution?

Let’s dig into your COGS, cash flow, profit and loss, and projections to paint a realistic picture. We formulate a financial strategy that will help your business work for you.  You can’t fix what you don’t know.



Do you know how much money you really need to scale up? Do you have what you will get financing?

A food business doesn’t scale up in a straight line. It is like a staircase. Each time you scale up for the next stage of business, your capital needs increase. If you realize you need the money tomorrow it is too late. Preparation is crucial. We specialize in analyzing your business from soup to nuts to give you a realistic financial picture and package it all to help you raise funds through bank loans and equity financing.



Are you in compliance with packaging, labelling and ingredient sourcing? Do you have the industry knowledge to open new sales channels including distribution and ecommerce?

Scaling up from a farmers market or even small wholesale is a big deal. There are a lot of nuances and requirements that shouldn’t be overlooked when growing up to a national or regional brand. From UPCs to co-packers, labelling requirements and sales sheets, we have the industry knowledge and partners to get you ready.

Coaching &


Are you working in your business or on your business? Sometimes you need a coach and sometimes you need someone to hold you accountable to your goals.

We help you identify new business opportunities, the gaps in your marketing and sales strategies and the trends your competitors are using to their advantage. You need a partner who is looking out for your interests and has the industry knowledge you need to make the right decisions for your business.